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  • 03.02.14
    New !!! UV photocatalytic air purifier, removes chemical contaminants (VOC, solvants...) and biological contaminants (bacteria, viruses, mold...).
    This Air purifier combines a UV-C photocatalytic oxydation technology (removes chemical and biological contaminants) with a double filtration system (dust filter and charcoal filter to trap oxydation by-products).
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  • 13.01.14
    BioTray offers an wide range of solutions to monitor airborn pollutants and control indoor and outdoor air pollution.
    Many gaz are available and our solutions are designed to match your applications in terms of cost, features, integration, traceability etc.  in offices, public area, industrial environment and many more...
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Biodefence & Biosecurity

The Biodefense and biosecurity are applications that require proven and innovative technologies in order to be prepared for any bioterrorist attack or pandemic.

The detection of pathogens in the surrounding environment (Anthrax, SRAS, Légionellose, Avain Influenza, etc.) can be achieved through new processes such as biosensors but also by hybridization techniques on Biochips.