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  • 13.01.14
    BioTray offers an wide range of solutions to monitor airborn pollutants and control indoor and outdoor air pollution.
    Many gaz are available and our solutions are designed to match your applications in terms of cost, features, integration, traceability etc.  in offices, public area, industrial environment and many more...
    More information here.

  • 06.01.14
    Waly improves reproducibility and reliability of microarray results thanks to automation of washes and drying of microarray.
    Easy to use yet fully programmable for protocol optimization, compatible with all microarray slides and applications in the market (DNA microarray, miRNA, proteins, antibody microarray, tissues slides, FISH...)

      More information here.




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Biosensors currently constitute a technological breakthrough for environmental protection allowing the detection and identification of pollution in the air, water, soil, etc.
Different virulent bacteria or pollutants, can be classified via this process that combines flexibility and ease of use.

Biochips are also an innovative technology, widely used for environmental protection.
Our technologies provide an innovative and reliable analytical method to detect pathogens in the environment (e.g. bacteria or allergens). New opportunities are offered for the evaluation of health conditions in certain environments (management of drinking water or agriculture monitoring).