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  • 03.02.14
    New !!! UV photocatalytic air purifier, removes chemical contaminants (VOC, solvants...) and biological contaminants (bacteria, viruses, mold...).
    This Air purifier combines a UV-C photocatalytic oxydation technology (removes chemical and biological contaminants) with a double filtration system (dust filter and charcoal filter to trap oxydation by-products).
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  • 06.01.14
    Waly improves reproducibility and reliability of microarray results thanks to automation of washes and drying of microarray.
    Easy to use yet fully programmable for protocol optimization, compatible with all microarray slides and applications in the market (DNA microarray, miRNA, proteins, antibody microarray, tissues slides, FISH...)

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In pharmacology, BioChips represent a technological revolution in full development, but above all a new way to support and optimize your research activities.

Protein chips are used for the analysis of protein expression levels after a given treatment (screening) in order to determine the effectiveness and potential toxicity of the drugs tested. The results can then determine the most appropriate medication and identify protein biomarkers, characteristic of different stages of the disease.

Furthermore, BioChips are often used in pharmacogenomics. This application determines the custom map of patient SNPs' in order to propose a customized therapeutic approach, from diagnosis through treatment "on demand" using "genetically optimized" drugs.