HybMix S4

HybMix S4

Multi Array Hybridization Station

Product Description

HybMix S4 is hybridization station that combines effective shaking system with accurate temperature control system for successfull hybridization of microarray slides with several sub-arrays (multi-array slides).
HybMix S4 can hybridize up to 4 microarray slides. Microarray are temperature controlled with direct contact of the thermo regulated slide holder. Controlled Temperature ranges from the ambient to 105°C at +/- 0.1 °C.
The integrated orbital shaker with adjustable speed from 300 to 900 rpm improves hybridization and binding reactions.
User interface is user friendly ; users can set temperature, hybridization duration and shaking speed.
Temperature, time and shaking speed are indicated on the wide screen in front of the instrument ; these parameters can be adjusted by the user at any time.

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Reference Designation
HYM  Hybridization for microarray slides with multi sub- arrays
MH4S  Hybridization cassette - 4 slides capacity

Technical Specifications

  • Peltier System with temperature control loop
  • Accurate temperature regulation
  • Orbital shaking system
  • Front display and control panel
  • User friendly interface
  • CE marked
Fluorescent display(VFD)
The fluorescent display shows the parameters of the hybridization station for multi-array slides.
On the left, indicators of instrument operation, in the center real time values, on the right the programmed paramaters.
Below the screen control panel with keys to set the parameters, start and stop the instrument, select saved programs.
Technical Spécifications
 Model  HybMix S4
 Temperature range  Ambient to 105°C
 Heating/cooling system  Temperature controlled Peltier system
 Resolution 0.1 °C
 Shaking system  Orbital shaker with adjustable speed from 300 to   1500 rpm
 User interface  Fluorescent Display (VFD)
 8 keys for programmation and operation
 Dimensions (LxDxH)  29.5 x 26.5 x 17.0 cm
 Weight  8.5 Kg
 Power supply  110VAC, 50/60 Hz, 125W
 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 125 W


Hybridation Cassette
The hybridization cassette is used to position up to 4 microarray slides with sub-array.The hybridization cassette is compatible with all format available on the market. The hybridization cassette is positionned on the heating block of the instrument for a direct and tight thermal contact with the microarray slides. A lid maintains the cassette temperature.
Heating Block
The heating bloc has 4 area at the format of standard microarray glass slides (1" x 3").
Temperature is directly transferred to the glass slides. Mixing is achieved with an orbital shaker with a small radius.