Ozone Free Environment

A controlled environment is crucial in succeeding in microarray hybridization experiments. Dusts and ozone has to be removed from the enviromnement under which microarray experiments are done. The ozone oxidises the fluorescent dyes (Cyanine, Alexa,...) leading to erroneous analysis results. This oxidizing by ozone can occur at every stage of microarray experiments from sample preparation, hybridization, washes, drying to scanning.

BioTray® has designed an innovative solution called the Ozone Free Box™ in order to prevent the ozone negative effects on the quality of the microarray hybridization. The Ozone Free Box™ creates an ozone free environment with its technology which destroys ozone and maintains the ozone concentration under the critical level (5 ppb) during samples and slides preparation, hybridization, washes, drying and scanning operations.

The Ozone Free Box™ exists in four different sizes which are adapted to the different scanners sizes on the market while providing the necessary workspace to let the users carry out every microarray operation within the Ozone Free Box™.

BioTray® also provides a portable and high precision ozone sensor : this Microarray Ozone Sensor™ is specially calibrated for microarray application. This calibration which is an exclusivity of BioTray® made the Microarray Ozone Sensor™ an highly accurate and affordable solution that will be easily used by microarray users in order to check the levels of ozone inside their laboratory.