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BioTray Air Purifier

Improve indoor air quality

Product Description

Chemical pollution, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), emanations of chemical products and ambient dust on the workstation can degrade performance and hinder the reading of ozone levels by the sensor. They also contribute to tiredness and the appearance of professional health problems.

BioTray provides a reliable and safe solution that will treat and clean the air continuously, ensuring greater safety, comfort and equilibrium for health of the people in the room where the instrument is used.
The BioTray Air Purifier uses UV-C process to eliminate germs, viruses and all airborne chemical pollutants. The internal radiation of the UV-C lamp provides a germicidal and fungicidal capacity. Only the UV-C has the specific wavelength that breaks the DNA chain and prevents bacterial and microbial growth. Photocatalysis on the surface of the filter technology removes harmful pollutants.
The performance is optimized by a combined dual sheet containing a surface of titanium dioxide to activate the redox reaction of chemical compounds followed by activated charcoal to capture pollution and redox by-products. This process is completely harmless to the body.

BioTray Air Purifier is available in wall-mount or with a fixing stand. Different colors are available.

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Reference Designation
 BT-AP  Air Purifier (5 years warranty except consumables)
 BT-KCL  Acivated charcoal filter + Ti02 + UV-C lamp
 BT-FP  Biodegradable dust filter (pack of 4 filters)
 BT-PM  Floor stand. Color: anthracite grey

Technical Specifications

  • High performance UV-C lamp. 55 watts
  • Filtering cartridges with a combined technical textile
  • Dual speed turbine
  • Easy maintenance
  • Validated in laboratory
  • Compliant with CE & EMC safety
Technical Specifications
 Technology  Photocatalysis by UV-C
 & activated charcoal filter + TiO2
 Power  55W
 Flow rate
 (pressure drop included)
 100 m3/h
 Applications  Bactericide. Germicide
 Odour treatment
 Chemical pollutants
 Dust reduction
 UV-C lamp aging  9000 hours
 Power supply  230V-50Hz
 Set up  Wall mount
 Floor stand
 Destruction rate  Germes: 99.9%
 VOC: 15g per 24h
 Filters  Activated charcoal + TiO2
 Biodegradable dust filter
 Operating Conditions  10 at 40C°
 Materials  Steel- Aluminum
 Aluminum anodized
 Noise  2 speeds: 31 dB (Normal), 25 dB (Eco mode)
 Dimensions  Diameter 16 cm, Height 68 cm
 Power consumption  60 Watts
 Weight  Less tahn 4 Kg

validated in laboratory

Pollution rate is higher without an air purifier. Upon activation of BioTray Air Purifier, the rate drops rapidily and stabilizes under the citical level.
Study report conducted by the Conidia laboratory.

Options & Accessories

Easy maintenance

A key lock under the unit allows to unlock and remove the filters for maintenance operation, or access to the UV-C lamp to be easily replaced in case of aging.
The filtration bloc moves along its slide up to its safety position to lock it.
The device is supplied with a assembly guide and a key.

 Biodegradable Filter

Filtering Cartridges

Gravimetric filtration G2. Prevents the entry and accumulation of dust inside the technical pipe.
Supplied with a pack of 4 biodegradable filters
Molecular filtration with activated charcoal filter + TiO2 for odors treatment, solvents and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) treatment.
Filtration surface: Diameter 120mm, Height 600mm.

 Option: Floor stand - Lux 55-PM

This elegant floor stand is stable and it is very useful in order to move the air purifier to different rooms of the same location.
BioTray Air Purifier is equipped with a lid to protect the control keys. The AC power cord passes inside the pole.
This floor stand is neatly concealed for perfect presentation.

Weight: 5,2 kg.
Height: 1,05 meter.

Colors: Aluminum anodized

 Natural grey  Anthracite grey Anthracite grey & red
This method ensures a perfect appearance with a higher quality than usual paintings.