Ozone Sensors

Microarray Ozone Sensor

High precision sensor for microarray applications


This handheld ozone monitor is the perfect tool for fast and high accuracy ozone  monitoring in laboratory and outdoor environments. This portable ozone sensor is very appropriate for ozone monitoring in microarray applications. Actually fluorescent dyes used in microarray applications are degraded by ozone after exposure for periods as short as 10-30s  under ozone levels as low as 5-10 ppb (ppb: part per billion). Consequently, ultra low ozone levels need to be monitored with very high precision in microarray applications.  This highly sensitive Microarray Ozone Sensor was meant for ultra low ozone levels monitoring with very high precision and short response time.

The Microarray Ozone Sensor by BioTray uses the gas sensitive semiconductor technology combined with a special High Sensitivity & Precision Calibration (HSPC), which is an exclusivity of BioTray. This makes the Microarray Ozone Sensor the perfect ozone monitor for microarray applications and applications that need high accuracy monitoring of ultra low ozone levels.

The Microarray Ozone Sensor has a confortable handling thanks to its ergonomic shape and its lightness. Its smart control display shows the ozone level measurements and it allows to set two programmable alarms as well as to choose the units of measurement.

The Microarray Ozone Sensor is delivered in its carrycase with its power supply adaptator and its battery. Several options are available :
  • Temperature and relative humidity monitoring,
  • Extended calibrated range for outdoor or high ozone levels applications,
  • Real time data logging independant of PC or direct to PC, data logging & management software supplied
These options can be combined to make the Microarray Ozone Sensor a flexible and reliable Quality Control tool in laboratory applications and specially advised in microarray applications.
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Reference Designation
BTZM_SC High precision Handheld Ozone Sensor for Microarray Application
TH Temperature and Relative Humidity monitoring option
ER Extended Calibrated Range option
DL Real Time Data Logging option


The Microarray Ozone Sensor by BioTray has a LCD screen, a control board with microprocessor technology and a removable and specially calibrated sensor head using a gas sensitive semiconductor technology.  An active gas sampling technology is also used.


Fig.1: Sensor head
with special calibration
Fig.1: The Microarray Ozone Sensor has a sensor head that was specially calibrated for high precision monitoring of ultra-low ozone levels. The Special BioTray Calibration  procedures are done in factory under strictly controlled temperature and RH conditions in an atmosphere purified from any organic compound. This very specific calibration is an exclusivity of BioTray and it leads to highly sensitive and accurate ozone  monitoring.

Optimized sensor driver algorithms and improved sensing material formulations achieve highly sensitive, very accurate and stable measurement with compensation of classical confounding  factors such as cross-sensitivities and zero drift . The special calibration procedure, which is  exclusivily provided by BioTray, was developped to achieve the appropirate measurement accuracy and stability that are required  in microarray applications. Actually ultra low ozone concentrations (few ppb) must be detected in these applications with great accuracy.
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Fig.2: Digital screen showing ozone concentration, temperature and RH ( in option) Fig.3: User interface for easy setting

Fig.2&3: The measured concentration of ozone is shown on the LCD screen of the monitor. A intuitive user interface can be used in order to change the units of measurement and to set the two alarms which will alert the user in case of  ozone level rising above chosen limits.  The ozone monitor is equipped with a rechargeable battery that makes it a portable solution for accurate measurement of ultra low concentrations of ozone. 
As options, the Microarray Ozone Sensor can have :
  • The added feature of a temperature and humidity sensor. Then the microarray Ozone Sensor can monitor three  crucial parameters for Quality Control purpose : Ozone, Temperature and Relative Humidity.
  • An extended calibrated range is also available as an option. Then the Microarray Ozone Sensor is a versatile solution for both accurate measurement of ozone levels in microarray applications and outdoor monitoring of higher ozone concentrations.
  • Real Time Data logging independent of PC or direct to PC with data logging and management software supplied.
 Technology  Gas sensitive semiconductor - Active sampling system - Sensor driver algorithms
 Sampling system  Integrated fan
 Calibrated range 0.000 to 0.050 ppm (= 0 to 50 ppb)
Contact us for extended range option
 Resolution  0.001 ppm (=1 ppb)
 Accuracy  <+/- 0.002 ppm (< +/- 2 ppb)
 Operating temperature  5 to 40° C
 Operating humidity  10 to 80 % RH (non-condensing)
 Mesurement cycle  < 240 s
 Response time (T90)  < 70 s
 Sensor head system  Removable - Specially calibrated for ozone measurement in microarray application. High accuracy and stability is reached even in monitoring of very ultra low ozone concentrations
 Display type  LCD
 Power upply  12 VDC (Power adaptor/charger supplied)
 Battery  Rechargeable: Ni-MH 9.6 VDC | 2100 mA/h
 Dimensions  With sensor head: 195 x 122 x 54 (mm)
 Weight  With sensor head and battery: 460 g

Accessories & Options

The Microarray Ozone Sensor provides highly accurate measurement of ozone concentrations for ultra low ozone levels monitoring (few ppb: part per bilion). This ozone sensor was specially calibrated for ozone monitoring in microarray applications. This Microarray Ozone Sensor is also the perfect ozone sensing solution for applications in which ultra low levels of ozone must be precisely measured.

Fig.1: The Microarray Ozone Sensor is provided in its carry case as a protective enclosure for easy transportation.

A power adaptor & charger and a rechargeable battery are also supplied giving a fully portable solution for accurate measurement of ozone levels in laboratories.

Option 1 - Temperature and humidity sensor. Transform your Microarray Ozone Sensor in a 3 sensor in 1 solution by adding the temperature and humidity sensor option. With this option, the portable Microarray Ozone Sensor offers an effective solution for controlling environmental atmosphere conditions in microarray and laboratory applications : the Microarray Ozone Sensor can be a key part of Quality Control procedures in order to improve the results of experiments in laboratories.

Option 2 - Extended calibrated range. This option is useful for users who also want to use the Microarray Ozone Sensor in order to monitor higher ozone levels (in outdoor monitoring for instance). The Microarray Ozone Sensor becomes a versatile solution providing highly accurate and stable measurement of ultra low ozone levels in microarray and laboratory experiments as well as higher ozone levels monitoring capabilities in outdoor environment. 

Option 3 - Real Time Data Logging. This option is useful to record the measured data in real time and save the data on the monitor. Real Time Data logging direct to PC is also possible  thanks to a data logging software (supplied with this option) : this software is also used for data management and traceability. 

These three options can be combined to make the Microarray Ozone Sensor a powerful, flexible and reliable solution for Quality Control in laboratory applications and microarray experiments.

Option References Specifications
TH Option 1 - Temperature and humidity sensor:
Range: -20 to 124 °C ; accuracy : <+/-0.3 K@25°C
Range: 0 to 100 % RH ; accuracy: +/- 1.8% RH
ER Option 2 - Extended calibrated range.
Calibrated range : according to your application, please contact us
DL Option 3 - Real time data logging and management (Data logging software supplied).