Wash & Dry Station

Microarray wash and dry station

Automation of washing and drying for Microarray and FISH slides
Get consistent and reproducible results
Reduce the time and the cost per analysis


WALY automates and fiabilizes washing and drying of microarray and FISH slides. This automated wash and dry station can process any commercial or custom-made microarray for any kind of microarray experiment (Gene Expression, CGH array, ChIP-on-chip, miRNA).
Automated washing and drying improve the quality of your hybridized microarray (higher signal intensity, lower background and homogeneously clean slides ready for scanning) and avoid classical negative effects of these steps.

The slides are positioned in the slide-holder (capacity up to 20 slides) that is loaded into the instrument. Up to 5 temperature-controlled washing baths are used by the system in order to run the appropriate wash protocol. The bath are covered for a better control of temperature.
WALY robotic arm will transfer the slide-holder between the different baths and perform the washes with tightly controlled time and temperature parameters. Wash efficacy is improved by a adjustable vertical agitation ..
After the last washing bath, the robotic arm automatically transfers the slides onto its centrifuge to effectively dry them. Slides are ready to be scanned.
Alternatively, drying can be done in a stabilization solution : the instrument controls the speed at which the slides are removed from the stabilization solution.

Pre-programmed wash protocols can be loaded and launched using WALY™ touch screen. The wash and dry station offers an intuitive graphical user interface for effective protocols management and custom protocol optimization.

This automated wash and dry station for microarray and FISH increases the quality and the reproducibility of your microarray results, saves valuable time and money and makes it simple to succeed in one's microarray experiments.
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WDS-WLY WALY WALY™ Microarray wash and dry station
1 year Guarantee for labor and parts
1 year for software updates and technical support