Microfluidic devices
Initially microfluidics studies flow of liquids or gas in narrow channels (approximately one micron in width). In a broader view, it refers to a transdisciplinary field involving fluid mechanics, analytical chemistry, surface chemistry, molecular engineering...It permits the treatment and analysis of limited quantities of products, mastering the flow rates and thereby the quantity of materials transported by the fluids.

This trend to miniaturization has generated a significant revolution in the health sector but also in process engineering and chemistry.
In the area of medical diagnostics and analytical chemistry, Lab-on-a-Chip technology offers significant reduction in analysis time, volumes used and cost. In process engineering, it offers fine-tuning of chemical and biochemical reactions, enhancing the selectivity and the yield of reactions.

From simple sensor to the most complex systems, the objective in fine is to significantly facilitate the conception and production of  Lab-on-a-Chip which integrates all analysis and detection steps.

We are acutely aware that this miniaturization is a major challenge for processes at the level of Industrial production, this is the reason that we bring all of our know-how to help our customers.

BioTray® offers a wide range of products and services: photolithography tools, production of microfluidic chips, integration of micro-components for the fluids dispensing (connectors, valves and µpumps) and microfluidic controller.
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