OEM Fluidic Controller

FlowTest™ OEM Version

Controller of fluid control devices

FlowTest Control Board


FlowTest™ OEM version is a powerful controller for fluid control devices (micropumps, valves etc...). FlowTest™ OEM version simplifies and makes more efficient design work, development task, prototyping stage, validation steps and then industrialisation of instruments integrating fluid control devices.

FlowTest™ OEM version is recommended for development, integration and manufacturing in instruments using fluid control devices (pumps, valves etc...) in medical devices, bioprocessing systems, laboratory instruments, chemistry instruments and scientific equipment in many other fields.

FlowTest™ OEM version combines :
  • modern and high quality control board which is a key tool not only for design and development of fluid control sub-systems but also for direct integration inside a newly developped instrument during industrialisation and manufacturing stage.
  • development and integration kit which is a flexible, effective and user friendly software suite for quick development, efficient programming and easy integration. These softwares dramatically simplify programmation of the newly developped instrument fluidic functions. It also reduces integration cost and time as well as facilitates the piloting of the controller inside the instrument during industrialisation work.
Save money and time in development, validation, integration and manufacturing of your new instruments
  • Increase performance of R&D
  • Secure prototyping and validation work
  • Speed up integration, industrialisation and launch of new instruments
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Reference Designation
CMS_CB OEM Controller for fluid control devices


Increase performance of R&D
Secure prototyping and validation work
Speed up integration, industrialisation and launch of new instruments

FlowTest™ OEM version
controller is both :
  • A comprehensive, yet easy-to-use solution to design and develop fluid control sub-systems for integration into an instrument.
  • A controller for fluid control sub-systems that can be directly integrated inside an instrument at industrialisation and manufacturing stage.

Modern and high quality electronics

Powerful yet user friendly development & integration kit

FlowTest™ OEM version works with a development & integration kit including two tools to help engineers for programming, developping then integrating fluid control systems inside  newly developped instruments :
  • DirectDriveTM is ideal tool to design and develop the fluid control stage of a newly developped instrument with great efficacy. Save cost and time thanks to this clever software,
  • CosDesignerTM helps for easy and flexible integration of the controller and fluidic system inside instruments ; it saves time and cost at validation and industrialisation crucial stages.

Instantaneous integration and flexible piloting

Integration inside an instrument is immediate and can be done by beginners or more advanced engineers thanks to several control modes and to the development kit for an easy programmation of fluidic functions.
  • USB communication or IRQ combinations trigger
  • Many fluidic programs can be stored in the memory of the controller
  • 4 integration and control modes
  • Modern PCB layout and electronic components, UL RoHS and CE compliant
  • Robust communication protocol
  • Scalability by simultaneous control of several FlowTest

FlowTestTM OEM Version

Speed up your development
Simplify design work
Facilitate prototyping and industrialisation
Save costs of new instruments development



Controller for Microfluidic Systems

CosDesigner™ Software